A Guide To Claiming Criminal Injuries Compensation

Criminal Injuries Compensation is a very important subject to be aware of. Accidents causing injuries can all happen in all sorts of scenarios and for all sorts of reasons. But the anguish experienced by the victim could greatly increase if it occurs as the result of a criminal act. Therefore, it’s imperative for the victims to be aware of what the next step should be. That’s what this page aims to explain.

What Is Criminal Injuries Compensation?

Criminal injuries compensation is awarded to the victim when they present clear evidence of suffering an assault. A criminal act is where someone or a group of people have broken the law. And if somebody is hurt as a result, especially if their injuries are significant, they are entitled to receive compensation.

What injuries does this cover?

This can cover injuries of all natures and severities. But it’s understandable that those whose injuries are the most significant may receive the largest compensation amounts. Let’s not forget that their injuries have the potential to be life-changing. They could even be life-threatening and/or greatly alter the victim’s ability to live their day-to-day life. Consequently, while criminal injuries compensation could cover any injury stemming from an assault, more compensation is awarded for more severe injuries.

Who pays the compensation to injury victims?

This is where the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) comes into play. This government body handles the payment of compensation figures to victims suffering criminal injuries in England and Wales. The victim must present clear evidence about their situation in order to receive compensation. And they must make their claim within 2 years of the original incident in order to be compensated.

There is much more information about criminal injuries compensation that we will elaborate on throughout our website. In the meantime, please get in touch if you wish to speak to an advisor about making such a claim.

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