Advice On Finger Injury Compensation Claims

By Cat Stardew. Last Updated 2nd August 2023. In this guide, we provide information and advice on making finger injury compensation claims. Suffering a finger injury can have a significant impact on your quality of life and ability to perform everyday tasks. Even minor injuries of the fingers can affect different elements of your personal life, such as driving, personal care and work. Especially the latter if you work in a manual job where you’re dependent on your hands. Serious finger injuries like severely broken knuckles can have life-changing consequences and can result in someone becoming disabled or being forced to change their career.

In this guide, we will explain how finger injuries can happen, common types of finger injuries and also explain how you can claim finger injury compensation if the accident that caused your injury was not your fault. We will also advise you on how an excellent no win no fee personal injury solicitor can help you claim finger injury compensation or worker’s compensation for loss of a finger.

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A Guide To Finger Injury Compensation Claims

If you have suffered a finger injury that was not your fault but due to negligence of a third party, you could be entitled to claim finger injury compensation. This can include lost tip of a finger compensation, cut finger compensation, workers compensation for loss of a finger or compensation for any other type of finger injury. We can also help you claim compensation for loss of or injury to the thumb. Your claim could be worth tens of thousands of pounds, so if you think you might be entitled to claim compensation for loss of or injury to a finger, call Legal Helpline today.

finger injury compensation claims

finger injury compensation claims

We are Legal Helpline, a claims management company, we represent many clients and possess years of experience helping victims of finger injury accidents claim the compensation that they are owed. Our helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So if you think you may be entitled to make a finger injury claim, call Legal Helpline today for your free consultation. One of our friendly advisors will be happy to discuss the nature of your accident and injuries, and if you have legitimate grounds to make a personal injury claim, we will estimate how much compensation you could be entitled to, and will assign you to an excellent personal injury lawyer, to help you make your accident claim.

Under what circumstances can you make finger injury compensation claims? If your finger injury happened entirely because of your own carelessness, you wouldn’t be entitled to claim compensation. However, if you were in a situation where a third party had a legal “duty of care” towards you, and your injury was caused by negligence on the part of that third party, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim for a finger injury. Examples of this could be if you suffered a slip, trip or fall injury in a shop due to a wet floor, or if you experienced an accident at work due to lax health and safety standards.

What Are Injuries To The Fingers Or Thumbs?

Finger injuries are a wide-ranging group of injuries that involve any sort of injury to the fingers or the thumb. Some common types of finger injuries that we help finger injury compensation for can include soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strain, broken bones and fractured.

More serious finger injuries can include injuries that are part of a hand crushing injury, which can happen if someone gets their hand crushed by machinery or is involved in a serious car accident. Other serious finger injuries can include an injury where the finger is dismembered, or is so badly damaged that it requires amputation.

What Should You Do If You Injure A Finger Or A Thumb?

The advice in our finger injury medical claims guide is not medical. It goes without saying that if you suffer from a finger injury at work or elsewhere, you should seek the appropriate medical treatment immediately.

This is especially true if you are injured seriously. We wish to advise you however that if you are injured due to an accident that was not your fault, you or a friend can take certain steps at the scene of the accident, to help support your compensation claim further down the line. We have listed these steps below:

  • Take photos: Taking photos of the hazard that caused your injury, and the injuries themselves can provide photographic evidence. Include a date stamp if possible.
  • Witness contact details: Witnesses may be required to provide evidence further down the line, so collect their contact details.
  • Report your accident: Make sure that you report your accident, and it is accurately reported in the business’s or building’s log book.
  • Medical report: At the earliest possible convenience have your injuries assessed by a doctor. They will provide a medical report, which your personal injury solicitor will later use to value your personal injury claim for a finger injury.
  • Keep your receipts: If you have any expenses associated with your injury, such as the cost of a taxi ride to the hospital, you need to keep your receipts. Not only will you be able to claim back these expenses as part of your finger injury compensation package, the receipts will also serve as evidence for your accident claims case.

Common Types Of Finger Or Thumb Injuries

At Legal Helpline, we handle personal injury claims for all sorts of finger injury cases and thumb injury cases. This includes claiming for broken finger compensation. partial finger compensation and hand injury compensation. We have also handled cases which included lost tip of finger compensation and worker’s compensation for a lost finger. Below are some examples of common finger injuries that Legal Helpline’s personal injury lawyers have helped their clients claim compensation for.

  • Broken finger or fractured finger claims: Finger pain, tenderness, and discolouration could all be signs of a broken finger. As well being painful, broken or fractured fingers can be painful while they heal. Broken or fractured fingers can often occur as a result of a slip, trip or fall accident, if the injured person tries to break their fall with their hands.
  • Thumb injury (such as a broken thumb): The thumb allows the hand to grip and apply pressure, so any sort of injury that puts the thumb out of action can impair the sufferer’s ability to perform simple everyday tasks.
  • Dislocated fingers: Unfortunately people working in manufacturing, engineering or other careers where they have to operate heavy machinery often experience dislocated fingers. These injuries are often caused by negligence. Whilst fingers can be reinserted into their sockets they are a painful and debilitating injury.
  • Finger amputations: Because we rely on our hands for so many tasks, lost tip of a finger, or the complete loss of a finger can be a debilitating and even life altering injury. In some cases, the person involved may have to retrain for a new career.

If you have a finger injury, or thumb injury which was caused by third party negligence, call us today to see if you could be entitled to claim compensation.

We will now look at some common finger injuries in more detail below.

I Injured My Finger At Work, Can I Claim Compensation?

Unfortunately, finger injuries can happen in the workplace if employers fail to spot health and safety hazards and apply appropriate control measures to protect workers. Some common finger injuries at work can include cuts, burns or scalds in a kitchen environment, soft tissue injuries as a result of manual handling accidents or vibration white finger, which is caused by using heavy power tools.

Grounds for finger injury compensation claims could be established if you have suffered a finger injury due to an accident at work that was not your fault. Call Legal Helpline now to see how much compensation you could be entitled to and to find the right personal injury lawyer to handle your finger claim.

Claiming Compensation For A Broken Or Fractured Finger

Broken or fractured finger injuries can happen because of negligence on the part of another party. Some examples of negligence that can cause a broken or fractured finger can include slips, trips and falls caused by a wet or damaged floor, where the person puts their hand out to protect themselves, sporting accidents and accidents that involve operating heavy machinery.

If you have experienced a broken finger or fractured finger due to an accident that was not your fault, you could be entitled to claim tens of thousands of pounds in compensation. Call Legal Helpline today, to talk to one of our informed advisors about your options.

Vibration White Finger Compensation Claims

Vibration White Finger (VWF) is a work related illness which is caused by using heavy duty power tools and machinery for several hours a day. The injury causes numbness, impaired movement and a white discolouration of the finger. Employers in the construction industry and other high risk industries are obliged to follow rigorous health and safety codes of conduct to protect employees from vibration white finger. If you developed VWF because your employer neglected to follow proper procedures to protect you from these injuries, you could be entitled to claim vibration white finger compensation.

Dominant Hand Injury Settlement – Partial Disability

If you need to have a finger amputated on a dominant hand, the injury settlement could be higher since your injury has caused you partial disability. Due to the severity of the injury, you may suffer a reduction in your quality of living. For example, you might not be able to do hobbies you usually enjoy, such as writing or knitting.

Furthermore, if you worked in an occupation that involved you using your dominant hand, you may no longer be able to work. As such, you could experience a loss of earnings. Other financial harm you could suffer includes any home adaptations you have to pay for in order to accommodate your injury.

Continue reading to find out how a finger amputation payout is calculated. Alternatively, you can speak to our advisors for free legal advice or to discuss any queries about a dominant hand injury settlement.

Finger And Thumb Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a common injury amongst office workers who spend a long time using a PC or laptop keyboard each day. Under HSE regulations, employers are supposed to take precautions to protect employees from RSI.

If your repetitive strain injury was caused by negligence on the part of your employer, you could be entitled to claim compensation. However, if your injury has been partially caused by a hobby you engage with in your own time such as playing a musical instrument or embroidery, this may mean that you are partially liable for your injuries and will be entitled to less compensation.

How To Start A Claim For A Finger Injury Or Injured Thumb?

If you cut your finger at work, there are various steps you could take to pursue a claim. After seeking medical attention for your injury, you will need to inform those you believe to be responsible for your injury that you intend to make a personal injury claim against them.

This could be someone like an employer, or a road user who caused a road traffic accident. It may even be a medical facility if your finger was injured or lost due to medical negligence. It’s important to take this step as close to the date of injury as possible. Otherwise, the 3-year time limit as stated in the Limitation Act 1980 may expire.  However, there can be exceptions to this time limit. So, seek legal advice if you’re unsure as to whether you can still claim.

Acquiring evidence is another important step you’ll need to take. This could include CCTV footage or witness contact details.

Finger Injury Compensation Amounts in the UK

If you’ve suffered a broken finger at work, for instance, you may want to know more about the compensation you could receive from a successful claim.

The Judicial College Guidelines can provide you with a clearer idea of your potential compensation figure in general damages for finger injury claims. By analysing previous successful court claims from Wales and England, they have created compensation brackets for many different injuries. Please bear in mind that every claim is unique meaning that these figures are not guaranteed.

The below figures have been taken from the latest guidelines that were published in 2022.

Injury typeNotesCompensation Bracket
Finger Injuries - seriousSuch as long-term tendon damage, loss off mobility and stiffness.£29,000 to £61,910
Loss of your thumbComplete loss of a (one) thumb.£35,520 to £54,830
Thumb Injuries - very seriousMay include complete amputations or serious loss of function.£19,600 to £35,010
Finger Injuries - (p)Amputation of Ring and Little FingersIn the region of £21,810
Thumb Injuries - seriousSerious injuries may never fully heal and there will be some loss of function in the thumb.£12,590 to £16,760
Thumb Injuries - moderateThis may include damage to the nerves or tendos which will heal fully.£9,670 to £12,590
Finger Injuries - minorMinor injuries such as nail being torn off or similar levels of injury.Up to £4,750

Finger Injury Compensation Amounts – Could They Include Special Damages?

Some finger injury compensation amounts can include special damages. This area of compensation is aimed towards restoring your finances to what they would have been had you not been injured.

For example, if your loss of finger compensation claim succeeds, the special damages head of your claim may cover the cost of a prosthetic finger. Or, if your finger injury means you can’t return to work and you lose earnings as a result, these could also be claimed back under special damages. This head of compensation could also help cover the cost of expenses such as childcare, help with household chores such as cooking and cleaning, and transportation.

When making a claim for special damages, you should provide evidence of these losses. A copy of your bank statements, invoices and payslips could be used as proof in this regard.

For more information on compensation in personal injury claims, contact our team of advisors today. A member of our team could offer you a free consultation, through which they can evaluate your claim and offer more information on what you could claim compensation for following a finger injury.

No Win No Fee Injuries To The Fingers And Thumbs

At Legal Helpline, we understand that paying an upfront fee to make a personal injury claim is not the ideal option for many clients. Our clients worry about the financial risk of paying an upfront fee for making a claim that they are not guaranteed to win, and also about the affordability of making a finger injury compensation claim. That’s why we offer our clients the option to work with a personal injury solicitor that offers a No Win No Fee service. This means that you will only have to pay your fee if you win. For many of our clients, this is the more affordable, less risky option. Call Legal Helpline today, to see if you are entitled to claim.

Why Make A Finger Or Thumb Injury Claim With Legal Helpline?

Legal Helpline is a Claims Management Company that is run by experienced legal professionals. Our purpose is to speak to people who have been injured in accidents that were not their fault, then assign them to the right personal injury solicitor to win their claim. We work with personal injury lawyers who are experienced in their respective fields, some of which may have over 30 years of experience in practising personal injury law, so you’re bound to be in good hands. See how we could help your finger injury compensation claims today.

Finger Injury Compensation Claims FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about finger injury compensation claims.

How much is a finger worth in compensation?

There is no such thing as a typical payout for a finger injury. Instead, each payout is calculated using the severity of the claimant’s suffering, whether that be physical, mental or financial.

How is a personal injury claim calculated?

If you’ve cut your finger at work, compensation can be calculated for a few different things. Medical assessments can determine the claimant’s suffering, both physical and mental. In addition, any costs incurred as a result of the injury can be recovered as part of finger injury compensation claims. Receipts, however, are required to evidence these costs.

Contact Legal Helpline Today

To begin your claim for finger injury compensation, call Legal Helpline on 0161 696 9685 to speak to a friendly advisor about your claim. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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We hope this guide, which has covered different aspects of finger injury claims, has been useful for you. If you still have any questions about this subject, such as thumb injury compensation amounts or claiming for a broken finger at work, then please get in touch with our advisors. You can get in touch with the Legal Helpline advisors on the phone or online by using the contact details found within this guide.