When Could You Make A Claim For An Eyelash Extension Allergic Reaction?

By Danielle Graves. Last Updated 12th May 2023. Beauty salons have become more and more popular over the past few years. They offer a range of treatments from dermal fillers and spray tans to eyelash extensions. Customers obviously want to receive great treatments that leave them feeling amazing, but that’s not how they’ll feel if something goes wrong. When it does, the customer may consider seeking compensation if their suffering was caused by some form of negligence. In this guide, we’ll look at claiming for an eyelash extension allergic reaction. We’ll look at how eyelash extensions can go wrong, when a salon might have caused suffering due to negligence and how much compensation you could receive.

Legal Helpline is here to support you through the claims process. We offer completely free legal advice about claiming and a no-obligation consultation. If your advisor concurs that you have a valid claim, they’ll be able to refer you to a specialist solicitor from our panel. To help make the process easier and more accessible, they provide a No Win No Fee service for any claim they take on.

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A Guide To Claims For Allergic Reactions Caused By Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have become quite popular over recent years. They’re a semi-permanent enhancement which is glued onto your natural eyelashes. As with many beauty treatments, there are some risks associated with the procedure. In some cases, even when you’re told about the risks, you could be entitled to claim compensation if the technician treated you was negligent in some way and caused you to suffer.

Eyelash extension allergic reaction claim

Eyelash extension allergic reaction claim

If you are going to make a claim for an eyelash extension, you’ll need to prove what happened and how the technician was negligent. Later in this article, we’ll review what kind of evidence you can supply to support your case.

As well as looking at allergic reactions, we’ll provide information on potential side effects that can happen after negligent treatment. We’ll review how things can go wrong, whether the technician was negligent and how much compensation might be possible.

You should be aware that there is a personal injury claims time limit which has to be adhered to. In the majority of cases, this is a 3-year period from the date the allergic reaction happened. If you don’t claim in time, your case could be rejected, and you won’t receive the compensation you might’ve been entitled to. To give your solicitor ample time to collect evidence such as medical reports and witness statements, we advise that you get in touch as soon as possible while everything is still fresh in your mind.

Once you’ve completed this guide about claiming for an eyelash extension allergic reaction, speak with a member of our staff to discuss how we can help you claim.

What Is An Allergic Reaction Caused By An Eyelash Extension?

Allergic reactions happen because your immune system thinks that something you’ve consumed, been injected with or come into contact with is bad for you. The process begins with antibodies being sent to try and protect you from the allergen.

With regards to eyelash extensions, chemicals and dyes could potentially contain something that you’re allergic to. To check for this, a patch test should be carried out a few days prior to your treatment to see if there are any adverse effects. If that didn’t happen, you could be entitled to claim for the suffering caused by the allergic reaction.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes which are individually glued to your existing natural lashes. They are semi-permanent and will start to fall out naturally in a matter of weeks, which means you’ll need to have top-up procedures if you want to keep the fuller-eyelash look.

What Allergic Reactions Could Eyelash Extensions Cause?

After an eyelash extension, you may begin to see symptoms of an allergic reaction. They can happen immediately or take up to a few hours to appear. Typical symptoms of an allergic reaction to an eyelash extension include:

  • Swelling or puffiness of the eye or eyelid.
  • Redness in and around the eye.
  • Itchiness in and around the eye.

Symptoms can occur in one or both eyes. If they exist in both eyes, you might find that they’re worse in one eye than the other.

What Could Cause An Allergic Reaction?

Eyelash extensions are attached to your natural eyelash using glue or paste. It is generally this adhesive which people can be allergic to. The allergic reaction can be caused when the glue drips into the eye or onto the eyelid.

There are many different potential allergens in the glue that could cause a reaction including formaldehyde, benzoic acid, latex, cellulose gum, and lead.

It is probably a good idea to ask what ingredients the company uses before your treatment. Sometimes, a patch test will be offered before you’re treated to see if a small amount of the glue causes any symptoms on a patch of skin.

If you’ve suffered an allergic reaction and the ingredients or possible risks weren’t explained to you, then you may be entitled to seek compensation. Please contact an advisor today for free claims advice.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Negligent Eyelash Extensions?

Aside from allergic reactions, there are a number of side effects which could occur following negligent treatment. These include:

  • Pain and a burning sensation.
  • An itchy rash.
  • Bloodshot eyes.
  • Inflammation of the eyelid.
  • Severe swelling around the eye.

If you’ve suffered any of these symptoms following treatment, read what evidence you need to supply later on in the guide and then contact us to begin a claim.

How Do I Know If I Have Had An Allergic Reaction?

In some cases, you might not realise that symptoms you’re having are as a result of an eyelash extension allergic reaction. Therefore, in the next couple of sections, we’ll provide advice on what to look out for.

If you suspect you’ve had an allergic reaction, we’d advise you to seek medical attention so that your condition is diagnosed, and that you receive treatment for the irritation. Then, if you wish to seek compensation from the company who carried out your treatment, speak with a specialist here at Legal Helpline.

Symptoms Of An Allergic Reaction To Eyelash Extensions

The first indication that you’re suffering an allergic reaction is if any of the common symptoms occur. It might happen at the time you’re being treated or between a couple of hours to a day later.

The most common symptoms of an eyelash extension allergic reaction include:

  • Watery eyes.
  • Irritation or itchiness in or around the eyes.
  • Redness or a rash around the eyes or eyelids.

Again, if you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention as soon as possible. For severe cases, you may need to visit A&E for treatment.

How Long Do Allergic Reactions Last?

In many cases, symptoms of an allergic reaction to eyelash extension glue will last anywhere between a couple of hours and a few days. We do advise you to seek medical attention first. You could also contact NHS 111 to find out if there are any treatments that could be used to alleviate the symptoms at home.

How Are Allergic Reactions To Eyelash Extension Treated?

The main thing to do if your eyes are itchy following an allergic reaction is to avoid rubbing or scratching. By doing so, you could make the irritation worse or cause an eye infection. Some of the treatments that might be provided include:

  • Antihistamines (as histamine is the main antibody that causes allergic reactions).
  • Cold compresses to reduce swelling.
  • Eye drops.
  • Hydrocortisone ointment or cream.

As we are not medically trained, you should speak with NHS 111 or your GP before applying any form of treatment to your eyes. Seeking medical advice could help you if you go on to make a claim as your medical records could be used to show what symptoms were present at the time.

How To Prevent Allergic Reactions To Eyelash Extensions

One of the main methods of preventing an allergic reaction to an eyelash extension is to keep your eyes closed during the procedure. By doing so, the glue cannot drip into the eyes. The same is true for some of the vapours from the glue.

Something else that we’ve already mentioned is to check what ingredients will be used during your treatment. If you’re aware that you’re allergic to a particular product, you could ask for an alternative.

As well as avoiding an allergic reaction, you should check that the premises where you’ll be treated are clean and hygiene procedures are followed. This can reduce the risk of infection following treatment.

If you believe that a practitioner has been negligent during your procedure and caused you to suffer adverse side effects or an allergic reaction, contact us for free advice on beginning a claim.

How Much Could I Claim Following An Eyelash Glue Allergic Reaction?

Following a successful claim for an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions, your settlement may consist of general and special damages.

General damages compensate you for the pain and suffering you have endured due to your eyelash glue allergic reaction. Many legal professionals will refer to the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) to help them value this part of your claim. This document lists guideline compensation brackets for different types of injuries.

In our table below, we have provided some of the amounts listed in the 16th edition of the JCG. Please only use this table as a guide.

InjuryNotesCompensation Bracket
Eye injuries (b)In this bracket, the claimant is totally blind.In the region of £268,720
Eye injuries (c) (i)In this bracket, the claimant losses sight in one eye with a vision reduction in the other. There is a serious risk of the remaining eye deteriorating further. £95,990 to £179,770
Eye injuries (c) (ii)In this bracket, the claimant has lost sight in one eye and the other suffers reduced vision. In addition, there may be other visual problems, such as double vision.£63,950 to £105,990
Eye injuries (e) In this bracket, the claimant has lost sight in one eye. The award considers the risk of sympathetic ophthalmia. £49,270 to £54,830
Eye injuries (f)In this bracket, the claimant suffers serious but incomplete vision loss in one eye, but there isn't a significant risk of loss or vision reduction in the remaining eye. It is also for constant double vision. £23,680 to £39,340
Eye injuries (g)In this bracket, the claimant suffers with minor vision impairment that is permanent to one eye, or both eyes. Also includes cases of double vision and bright light sensitivity. £9,110 to £20,980
Eye injuries (h)This bracket is for minor eye injuries that cause some initial pain and temporary vision interference.£3,950 to £8,730
Eye injuries (i)In this bracket, the claimant has recovered completely within a few weeks.£2,200 to £3,950
Facial scarring (d)In this bracket, there has been less significant scarring. This may mar but not markedly affect the claimant's appearance. Their psychological reaction is no more than that of an ordinarily sensitive person.£3,950 to £13,740
Lungs (h)In this bracket, there has been a temporary aggravation that has resolved within a few months.£2,200 to £5,320

If you suffered injuries due to an eyelash reaction, call our advisors for free advice. They can also help answer any questions you may have about starting a compensation claim.

What Other Damages Could I Be Compensated For?

There are two main elements of a compensation claim: general damages and special damages. The former is paid to compensate you for the pain caused by your injuries. It also covers any loss of amenity such as enjoyment of life.

Special damages are designed to ensure you’re not financially worse off because of an accident so can compensate you for any expenses you’ve paid out for because of your injuries. The types of things you can include in a special damages claim are:

  • Travelling Expenses – you could claim for the cost of any travel arrangements that you need to make if you’re unable to drive yourself because of your injuries. You may also be entitled to claim for fuel and parking fees related to medical visits.
  • Care Costs – in some cases, you could be allowed to claim for the cost of a carer while you’re getting better. This might include the time a friend spent looking after you or a professional carer’s fees.
  • Medical Costs – While you’re recovering, you could have to pay out for prescriptions, treatment not available from the NHS or over the counter medications. These costs could all be added to your claim.
  • Lost Earnings – After an allergic reaction to an eyelash extension, you may need some time off work to recover. If that’s the case, then you could claim for any lost income caused by your injuries. If there’s permanent eye damage which affects your work prospects, you could add future lost earnings to the claim.

Our team can advise you on what special damages might apply in your case. To help prove how much you’ve spent, please try to collate any bank statements, receipts, benefit statements or wage slips that show your losses.

Steps To Take If Harmed By Eyelash Extension Allergic Reaction

To make a personal injury claim for an eyelash extension allergic reaction, you will

To make a personal injury claim for an eyelash extension allergic reaction, you will need to provide evidence that shows what happened, who was to blame and the level of your injuries. To do this, we suggest that you:

  • Take photographs of your injuries.
  • Seek medical treatment right away. Medical records can be used to help show the extent of your injuries.
  • Take down details of any witnesses.
  • Report the injuries to the company that completed the treatment.
  • Gather any correspondence you had such as emails or leaflets regarding the treatment.

Then, when you’ve collected as much evidence as you can, get in touch with Legal Helpline to let us review your claim for free.

Why Choose Our Team To Handle Your Claim?

We hope that this article about claiming for an eyelash extension allergic reaction has helped you. Furthermore, we hope you’re considering beginning your claim with Legal Helpline. Here are some reasons why we think you should let us support you:

  • We provide free legal advice. Also, you’ll get a no-obligation assessment of your claim.
  • You can begin your claim anytime as our claims line operates 24-7.
  • If your claim is taken on, you’ll receive the support of a specialist personal injury lawyer from our panel. They’ll provide updates throughout your claim and be on hand to answer any queries you have.
  • The solicitors on our panel work on a No Win No Fee basis and always work tirelessly to try and make sure you’re compensated fully.

Please contact us when you’re ready to begin and we’ll explain your options clearly and for free.

No Win No Fee Claims For Allergic Reactions Caused By Eyelash Extensions

If you’re thinking about claiming for eyelash extension negligence but are worried about how much everything will cost, we can help. Our panel of specialist lawyers can remove a lot of your concerns and reduce the financial risk in claiming because they provide a No Win No Fee service for claims they work on.

First, they’ll need to check that there’s a reasonable chance of winning your claim. Once they’re happy and when you’re ready to begin, you’ll be supplied with a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). The CFA is the No Win No Fee agreement which you’ll use to fund your claim.

You’ll have a number of benefits when using a CFA including:

  • There is nothing to pay upfront which allows your solicitor to start working straight away.
  • You can rest assured that you won’t be asked to pay any solicitor’s fees while the claim is ongoing.
  • Should the case fail, you won’t be expected to pay any of your solicitor’s fees at all.

When your lawyer wins the claim, they’ll receive a small portion of your compensation to cover their time and costs. This is called a success fee which you’ll find listed in the CFA when you sign it. You needn’t worry too much though as, by law, success fees are capped.

When your claim is reviewed, you’ll be told if your case is eligible for a No Win No Fee service.

Contacting Legal Helpline

If you’ve read this guide about claiming for an eyelash extension allergic reaction and are now considering starting a claim, we’d be pleased to provide free advice on doing so. To get in touch with Legal Helpline today, you can:

  • Call a specialist advisor for free legal advice on 0161 696 9685.
  • Send details of your eyelash extension negligence in an email to [email protected].
  • Provide details of your claim to an online advisor via the live chat channel.
  • Ask to be called back when it’s convenient using our claims page.

The first thing we’ll do when you contact us is review what happened to you. A member of the team will look at how you were injured, who was to blame and what evidence you’re able to supply. If they conclude that your claim could be successful, they’ll refer you to an expert solicitor from our panel. To make the claim as stress-free as possible, they’ll work on a No Win No Fee basis if they take your claim on.

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