I Had An Accident In A Lidl Supermarket, Could I Claim Compensation? – Personal Injury Guide

This is an online guide exploring how an accident in a Lidl supermarket could be caused by third-party negligence. Whether you are visiting a supermarket for a weekly shop, grabbing some last-minute items or working as a member of staff, a trip to the supermarket can be a hectic experience. Although supermarkets can become busy during specific times of the day for staff and shoppers, an accident is never an expected turn of events.

Unfortunately, there are some circumstances in which a third party could inflict injury or harm onto a blameless individual like a shopper or an employee. When another party is at fault, the mistreated individual may wish to seek compensation for the harm that has been inflicted. If that is the case, Legal Helpline could be of assistance. To begin a personal injury claim against Lidl, why not contact a member of our team? They can offer free legal advice of no obligation and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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A Guide To Claiming For An Accident In A Lidl Supermarket

Personal injury claim against Lidl advice

Whether you are at your place of work or purchasing items as a customer, the last thing you expect is to be injured or harmed at a Lidl supermarket. If a supermarket like Lidl breached their duty of care, it could inflict injury and harm in a variety of different ways that could range from slips and trips and allergic reactions to falling objects. In the event you have been harmed and wish to make a personal injury claim against Lidl, you could be searching for a solicitor that could handle your case. Within this online guide, we’ll discuss how our panel of solicitors could assist those with a valid claim against a negligent party. In doing so, we’ll answer questions about the claims process, such as:

  • What is a personal injury claim, and how are they made?
  • What should I do if I have been injured in a Lidl supermarket?
  • How are accidents in Lidl caused?
  • What to do if you fall outside a store?
  • What is a No Win, No Fee agreement?
  • How could Legal Helpline assist me when claiming compensation?

Before we delve into the contents of this online guide, it is worth acknowledging that the eligibility of all claims could be affected by a personal injury claims time limit. Essentially, the time limit comes into action from the moment of the accident. To make a successful personal injury claim, the affected individual must begin their claim within three years of the accident date. Once this time limit has run its course, it would be increasingly difficult to claim compensation. However, there are some scenarios where the time limit could be extended or begin at a later date. Therefore, it is always best to speak with a legal expert about your potential claim.

What Is An Injury Or Accident In A Lidl Supermarket?

You might be wondering what exactly constitutes an accident in a Lidl supermarket, and how are they caused? Unfortunately, there are various ways an accident in a supermarket could be caused. In some cases, an accident could be a fluke event where nobody is at fault or to blame. However, there are some situations where third party negligence could be responsible, and this is what we’ll discuss below.

Examples Of Accidents Which Could Happen In A Supermarket

An accident at Lidl could be a fluke situation where nobody is at fault or to blame. However, there are some circumstances where an accident could be caused by the negligent actions of a third party. If that third party that owes you a duty of care and breached those duties, it could cause accidents such as:

  • Slip and trips
  • Hurt by falling objects
  • Trolley accidents
  • Allergic reactions
  • Accidents caused by a lack of maintenance

Supermarket Trolley And Roll Cage Accidents

As previously mentioned, supermarkets can be busy locations, and unfortunately, there are some scenarios where an accident could be a blameless and faultless event.

A prime example of this could be trolley accidents involving another customer. If another shopper were to crash their trolley into your ankle, inflicting an injury, it would be difficult to claim against them as they did not owe you a duty of care. The situation may be different, however, if the trolley was faulty and ought to have been replaced or repaired. Our panel of solicitors could advise you about such circumstances. For free advice, simply call the number at the top of the page.

I Was Struck By A Falling Object, Could I Claim Compensation?

Unfortunately, there are some scenarios where heavy objects could fall and cause an injury. There are preventive measures employers could implement to minimise the chances of such incidents occurring, such as training. Training is a vital aspect of any job role, as it teaches the appropriate techniques and methods to perform the tasks at hand. In doing so, training ensures employees are aware of potential health and safety hazards and can take steps to avert them. 

In the event an employee hasn’t been adequately trained, it could cause a problem down the line. For example, those that work in supermarkets should be correctly shown how to stack items onto shelving units correctly. This will prevent items from falling and causing an injury.

Slips And Falls In A Supermarket

If you are an employee of Lidl that has been injured after a slip and trip, you might be wondering if you have grounds to make a claim. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has outlined three common causes contributing to slip and trip-related accidents in the workplace. These factors include obstructed walkways, poor housekeeping, and inadequate design and maintenance. To prevent incidents of this nature from occurring, the HSE suggests that employers like Lidl conduct preventive measures like risk assessments and routine inspections, as well as upholding a high standard of housekeeping. If an employer like Lidl were to neglect this duty of care to health and safety, it could expose their employees to slipping hazards that could potentially cause harm.

Accidents Caused By Broken Facilities In A Supermarket

In larger supermarkets, they may have escalators and lifts that are available for customers to use. When using equipment of this nature, your safety and well-being is a direct obligation of the supermarket. They should perform routine inspections and perform maintenance if required. A breach of this obligation could cause the equipment to malfunction or become hazardous. So in the event you become injured due to a lack of maintenance or broken facilities, you could have grounds to make a personal injury claim against Lidl for compensation.

Allergic Reactions To Foods And Cleaning Products

Some measures have been set in place by the Food Standards Agency (FSC) to prevent allergic reactions from occurring. They state that businesses who sell food, whether pre-packaged, non-packaged or freshly made, should be extremely aware of the most common food allergens. The FSC also highlights how businesses selling food should properly label their items, as this will help prevent incidents from occurring. The importance of labelling food allergens is something that has also been legislated on by the EU in the form of the Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC). Common food allergens include:

  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Soya
  • Peanuts
  • Mustard

If a business like Lidl failed to comply with the laws outlined above, it could have a devastating effect. So in the event you or a loved one has suffered from an allergic reaction that was caused by another’s negligence, please contact a member of our team.

Work Accident Claims Against Lidl

The HSE claim that there are 1.4 million employees within the UK that are currently suffering from a work-related injury or illness. In some circumstances, accidents that happen in a working environment could be in connection with the neglectful actions of an employer. To achieve a safe and hazard-free working environment, employers must perform the appropriate measures and provide training where applicable. If this obligation has been breached and you as an employee have been injured due to the fault of your employer, you might consider making a personal injury claim against them. If that is the case, a solicitor from our panel could potentially assist you when pursuing a claim for compensation from Lidl. 

There are some other steps you could take too. Citizen’s Advice has provided some guidance that could be useful to those that have been injured at their place of work. These include:

  • Seeking medical attention, if required
  • Reporting the incident in the accident book
  • Take photographic evidence
  • Write detailed notes
  • Obtain contact details of those who witnessed the incident

Retailers’ Duty Of Care To Protect Customers And Staff

Retailers like Lidl have a direct obligation to ensure the safety and well-being of those that visit their premise. This duty is set out in the Occupiers Liability Act 1984 and applies to both customers and members of staff. To ensure a safe environment has been achieved, some measures could be performed, from risk assessments, routine inspections, to more straightforward tasks like housekeeping. But in the event these obligations have been breached, it could place both the employees and the customers at risk.

What Types Of Damages Could Supermarket Accident Victims Be Awarded?

In the event you have suffered an injury following an accident, whether this is in relation to physical injury, psychological trauma or financial loss, you could have grounds to make a claim for compensation. If you’re awarded a settlement package, it may consist of two heads of claim: general damages and special damages.

General Damages – General damages are designed to compensate you for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity inflicted by the injury.

Special Damages – Special damages are intended to compensate you for any financial losses or expenses stemming from the accident. Some examples of the things you can claim include:

  • Medical Costs – after an accident, you might require medical treatment to help combat the pain and suffering you’ve endured. If you need treatment that isn’t covered by the NHS, you may have had to fund this treatment personally. If that is the case, this financial expenditure could be taken into consideration when pursuing a claim for compensation.
  • Travel Expenses – If you have been involved in an accident where your car has become unusable, you may use public transportation or hire a rental car. If that is the case, the price of tickets or your hire car could be taken into consideration.
  • Loss of Earnings – If an accident renders you unable to work, you could potentially lose out on income. Although you could be entitled to statutory sick pay, this could be a lot lower than your typical earnings. If that is the case, then the loss of earnings could be taken into consideration.

Calculating Your Personal Injury Claim Against Lidl

Those that pursue a claim for compensation might be curious as to how much compensation they could be entitled to. You may look to utilise tools like personal injury claims calculators to acquire an estimated figure. We find they can be tricky to use, so instead have provided a table that outlines several different types of injury, the severity of each injury, and the compensation that could be awarded. These figures are based on the Judicial College Guidelines, a legal publication used by solicitors and the courts to value claims. These figures are estimates only. To gain a more precise idea of the value of your claim, call our team of advisors on the number at the top of this page.

Injury The Severity of the InjuryCompensation AmountInjury Description
PTSDMinor£3,710 to £7,680Minor cases of PTSD are often expected to make a full recovery and display minor symptoms. The recovery period is expected to be between one or two years.
PTSDModerate£7,680 to £21,730Moderate cases of PTSD are often expected to display no major signs of disability. However, symptoms could prevail.
PTSDSevere £56,180 to £94,470Severe cases of PTSD are expected to have a life-long impact and display signs of life-long disability. Signs of trauma and inability to work will be imminent.
Ankle InjuryMinor`Up to £12,900Fractures and sprains are often expected in minor ankle injuries. Discomfort, loss of movement, and long term osteoarthrosis.
Ankle InjuryModerate£12,900 to £24,950Moderate ankle injuries are expected to display signs of fractures, ligamentous tears, and could require metal plates and scarring.
Ankle InjurySevere£46,980 to £65,420Severe ankle injuries are often expected to cause extensive soft-tissue damage, resulting in deformity and could require amputation.
Brain Trauma InjuryMinor£14,380 to £40,410In minor cases, the affected individual would expect to take part in normal social life and return to work. There may be minor signs that prevail over time.
Brain Trauma InjurySevere£264,650 to £379,100In severe cases, a brain trauma injury could alter the affected individual’s entire life. From limited mobility, no communication, to limited life expectancy, severe trauma will alter the affected individuals’ entire life and cause life-altering repercussions.

No Win, No Fee Personal Injury Claims For An Accident In A Lidl Supermarket

If you have valid grounds to make a claim for compensation, a solicitor from our panel could offer to handle your claim under a No Win, No Fee agreement, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). The CFA is designed to offer claimants financial protection and the confidence to pursue justice. If you sign a CFA with a solicitor from our panel, you will not have to pay any fees upfront, nor will you have to pay any fees during your claim either. And if your claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay any of the fees your solicitor has incurred in pursuing your case.

If your claim is successful, your solicitor may seek a small contribution towards their costs. This is known as a ‘success fee’ and would be deducted from the compensation awarded at the end of the claim. Don’t worry, the success fee is legally capped.

How Legal Helpline Could Help You

If you are unsure of your legal position after an accident, why not contact a member of our team? Here at Legal Helpline, we understand that personal injury claims may appear complicated to those that are seeking compensation. After all, nobody prepares or expects to be involved in an accident, much less an accident caused by a negligent third party. If you have a valid claim, we could connect you to a specialist solicitor from our panel well-versed in personal injury law. They will fight to ensure you recover the maximum amount of compensation possible and will keep you updated every step of the way.

Start Your Supermarket Accident Claim

If you have been injured in an accident in a supermarket, you might consider making a personal injury claim. If that is the case, why not contact a member of our team to begin your claim? Our expert and friendly advisors are equipped with personal injury knowledge and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively, you could enquire online through our online enquiry form. A member of our team will review your inquiry form and contact you at a later date.

To speak with an advisor, please call 0161 696 9685.

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