Rib Injury Compensation Claims – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

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The ribs are a very important part of the body as they serve to protect the heart and the lungs which are vital life giving organs. If you have suffered an injury to your ribs because of an accident caused by someone else, then you may be entitled to make a rib injury claim.

Ribs can be injured in a variety of different ways, it could happen whilst you’re at work, or in a road traffic accident or maybe due to a slip, trip or fall accident for example. Whatever the case, if your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you have a good chance of having a legitimate cause for filing for rib injury compensation.

Legal Helpline is a specialist personal injury claims management firm that has been working in the industry for a number of years and have dealt with many rib injury compensation claims, successfully securing our clients with the maximum award amount available. With our expertise and experience within the field, we can fully assess the details of your case for you and advise you on the best steps to take to get the compensation you deserve. Just call us on 0161 696 9685.

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Rib injury compensation claims guide

Whether you are looking to make broken rib claims, a bruised ribs injury claim, or another type of rib injury claim, this guide can serve as an informative resource to answer the many questions you may have regarding making a personal injury claim of some kind in reference to a rib injury.

In the guide you will find information such as what is the average settlement value of broken ribs, what to do if you suffer a rib injury at work or sustain rib injuries caused by a car accident, what can be included in your claim, the average compensation guide payouts and much more.

Once you have read through the guide, if you’d like to discuss the details of your own case, call Legal Helpline for a free consultancy session.

Common injuries to ribs

An injury to the ribs is an injury that causes bruising, breaks or fractures to the ribs, and damage to the tissues supporting the rib cage such as tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Rib injuries can be very painful as they are constantly expanding and contracting as we breathe in a flexing motion.

Some of the most common rib injuries include:

  • Road traffic Accidents – Unsurprisingly, these types of accidents are the most common of all accidents that result in some form of rib injury. See further on in the guide for more information.
  • Rib Injuries due to Crushing – Crush injuries to the ribs are particularly common in the workplace where heavy machinery or equipment is in use such as in an industrial warehouse or factory.
  • Physical Assault – Rib injuries that occur due to being punched or kicked in the ribs, or from being knocked down to the ground.
  • Falling from a height – Also more common in the workplace, workers such as roofers, scaffolders and window cleaners are particularly at risk from damaging their ribs if they fall from a height.
  • Sporting Injuries – Ribs may be damaged whilst playing some sports particularly contact sports such as rugby and football.

Of course, there are a whole host of different ways in which someone may injure their ribs, but these tend to be the most common of all.

Claiming compensation for rib injuries from slips, trips and falls

Slip, trip and fall accidents are by far the most common type of accident that we, as a legal firm, deal with all the time. In actual fact, according to statistics, these types of accidents are the most common across the UK.

Rib injuries

Rib injuries

A rib injury caused by a slip, trip or fall accident can happen in a variety of ways. It may be that you’ve tripped over a broken paving slab in a public place causing you to fall and hurt your ribs, or perhaps you slipped over in a supermarket. Whether it’s the local council or a privately operated company or land owner, whoever is responsible for the upkeep of and the enforcement of health and safety regulations in that area, could be held liable if you suffer a rib injury due to their negligence. For instance, in the case where you may have tripped over a broken paving slab, the local council could be found at fault as they have left the pavement in disrepair. Or when you slipped over in the supermarket for example, the supermarket could be found responsible as it’s their duty as part of health and safety regulations to provide a safe environment for anyone on their property and so any hazards should be have been cleared or signposted.

If you have injured your ribs from being involved in an accident or incident in a public place, providing you can prove that a third party is liable, then you will have a legitimate cause for making a rib injury claim.

Claiming compensation for rib injuries in a road traffic accident

Road traffic accidents statistically are the most common form of accident in the UK that results in a host of serious injuries with rib injuries being one of the frequent occurrences. The main reason for ribs frequently being damaged in road traffic accidents is because they are in direct line with the steering wheel and even when an airbag is deployed, they can still suffer some level of damage especially when the accident happens at high speed.

How much compensation for bruised ribs in car accident or for broken ribs or any other rib injury, will heavily depend on the severity of the injury and if there are any other side effects as a result of the injury.

If you have sustained an injury to your ribs in an accident involving a vehicle and you believe it was somebody else’s fault, then call us at Legal Helpline for informed help and advice. We have dealt many personal injury claims of this nature over the years and so have the experience and expertise to help you to file a successful rib injury claim.

Claiming compensation for rib injuries at work

Accidents that happen whilst at work are unfortunately very common. Although on the whole, most employers follow the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 regulations as best as they can, accidents resulting in rib injuries can and do still happen.

If an employer has been rather slack in their adherence to the legal responsibilities they have to provide a safe working environment for their staff and an employee sustains a bruised or broken rib at work, or any other type of injury, then they may be held liable for compensation should the employee decide to make a personal injury claim.

All employers have a duty by law, to put relevant and sufficient health and safety policies and procedures in place in accordance with the regulations set out by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), in order to ensure that their employees are working in an environment safe from harm as best as they can. If you have been injured but the employer is following the Health and Safety guidelines and requirements correctly and doing the best they can to put practices in place for the prevention of accidents, then it is unlikely that a claim due to negligence would be successful. However, if they haven’t put adequate policies in place for health and safety concerns and you were to get injured as a result, then you could successfully file a claim due to negligence as long as it could be proven.

If you have sustained a rib injury whilst at work and are unsure as to who is liable, call us at Legal Helpline and we can hopefully shed some light on where you stand legally.

Determining how severe a rib injury is

Any injury, even if it only seems minor initially, can result in long term side effects and extended health problems. Certainly for rib injuries, damage to the lungs and the heart is always a possibility and therefore potentially very dangerous.

Apart from the obvious fact of getting your rib injury assessed by a medical professional being very important for your health and well-being, if you are considering claiming compensation for broken ribs or any other kind of rib injury, then it is also very important to be assessed so that your claim reflects the severity of your injury and any possible long term effects. A medical report will be put together documenting the facts of your injury, all possible long term effects and the suggested type of treatment and time period for the treatment and eventual recovery, and whether the recovery will be full or only slight. The first and biggest part of your compensation claim will be based upon the findings of your medical assessment so that it truly represents the pain and suffering you have had to endure and might still be facing.

Calculating rib injury compensation amounts

Before reaching the final settlement amount in a rib injury claim, there are a number of items that need consideration as they will add together to form the final rib injury compensation amount. These include:

  • General Damages – These reflect the physical pain and suffering endured and psychological effects your injury may have had on your well-being. This is where the assessing the severity of your injury is very important as the larger payout amounts reflect the most severe injuries.
  • Medical Expenses – Any expenses due to medical treatment, prescription fees, counselling costs and any other medical expense you have incurred as a consequence of your injury should be included.
  • Travel Expenses – As with medical expenses, any extra expenses related to travel should be included. This can also include things like vehicle adaptions as well.
  • Lost Income – If you have had to take time away from work and so lost some of your income as a result, you can include this in your claim. Also think about including any future potential loss of earnings and include these if relevant.
  • Care Claim – If you have required help around the home whilst you recover, the person helping can also make a claim.

We often get asked ‘How much compensation for bruised ribs?’, and ‘What are the usual broken rib claim amounts?’.  As much as we’d like to just give you an exact correct answer, it just isn’t as simple as that, as there are so many variables that come together to make that final amount of rib injury compensation and so every case will differ in some way.

However, to at least give you some sort of idea of damaged, bruised and broken rib value, we have put together a table showing the average payout amounts for rib injuries in relation to how severe the injuries were.

Reason for CompensationAverage Payout AmountComments
Severe Chest Injury£57,620 - £88,270Traumatic injury to the chest where the lungs and heart have suffered damage causing impairment of function and possibly reduced life expectancy.
Less Severe Chest Injuries£11,040 - £15,750Rib injuries that involve a single puncture wound due to fractured ribs and damaged soft tissue.
Minor Chest InjuriesUp to £3,460Simple fractures to ribs, or soft tissue injuries leaving claimant in short term pain.
Scarring on Chest£6,870 - £19,930Rib injuries causing rib to puncture through resulting in chest scarring. The award given will depend on the severity of the scarring and whether the claimant is male or female. Females tend to receive higher compensation awards for scarring.
Loss of IncomeUp to £500,000The amount given will depend on the payscale the claimant is paid.
Mental AnguishUp to £4,100Fear of impending death and loss of expectation of life.

We hope the table has demonstrated to you what compensation amounts are available to you should you win your case, but if you’d like to discuss your own unique case in more detail, then contact Legal Helpline for expert advice and guidance.

Starting a rib injury compensation claim

Starting your rib injury claim really couldn’t be any simpler. Just contact Legal Helpline and after an initial free consultancy session, we can set to work on preparing you a successful claim.

During the free consultation, we will ask you a number of questions about your case in order to build a picture of what happened and to gather all the known facts surrounding your case. You can also freely ask us as many questions as you wish in regards to making your claim so that you feel better informed and more relaxed about the whole process. During your consultation, once we have all the facts from you, we can make an informed decision as to whether your claim is legitimate and if so, advise you on the best course of action to take. In most circumstances we will offer to take on your case for you on a no win no fee basis. Once we have your approval, we can then set to work on building you a strong rib injury claim. We may also offer a free local medical if we feel it could benefit your claim.

Rib injury no win no fee claims

One of the main reasons people don’t go ahead with making a personal injury claim, even if they are entitled to do so, is the worry of not being able to afford the legal costs involved in hiring a legal firm or whether they can risk losing the money they have spent on the legal fees if their claim isn’t successful, after all, even with a strong case, there are never any guarantees or certainties that you will win.

This is why we like to offer our clients a no win no fee service. With no win no fee, as the name suggests, if we do not win your case for you, there are no legal fees to be paid, in other words, you do not pay us anything. We will expect payment if we win your case however, but this is paid out of your final settlement amount as a small percentage, with the maximum we are legally allowed to take being 25%. Therefore with our no win no fee service, there are no upfront costs to be paid and so the worry of financial risk is eliminated.

Why make a rib injury claim with Legal Helpline?

Legal Helpline believe in fighting for justice and will always strive to get the best possible outcome for you as their client. We work in an efficient and timely manner whilst giving your case the attention it needs to maximise the possibility of securing the highest payout award available for your injury.

We are a reliable and friendly firm that offer great customer service. We care about our clients and are always emphatic to their situation. We understand that for some, talking about the occurrence of their injury can be upsetting and so talk about the facts surrounding their case in a delicate manner so as to lessen any stress and anxiety they may be feeling.

With our free consultancy session, free local medical and our highly effective no win no fee policy, as well as our professionalism and experience, we truly believe that we are one of the best personal injury claims specialists around and can get you the compensation you deserve.

Contact Legal Helpline about your rib injury claim today

If you’d like us to file your rib injury compensation claim on your behalf, or you’d just like get some help and advice, call us today on 0161 696 9685 and a member of our team will answer your call and do the best they can to assist you with your enquiry.

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