Cycle Accident Claims – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

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Cycling accident claims are one of the most common types of personal injury claims made today due mainly to the fact that so many people cycle every day. People cycle to commute to work, to get fit, to stay healthy or simply because it’s much cheaper than operating a motor vehicle.

The benefits of cycling are quite obvious but the downside is when a cycling accident happens it can cause a lot of damage both physically and financially. If you have been involved in a cycling accident, or you are considering making a claim because somebody you know was seriously (or fatally) injured in a cycling accident, then give us a all on 0161 696 9685. It’s free to call or claims management service, or if you want to learn more first then keep reading our in-depth guide.

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A Guide To Cycling And Bicycle Accident Claims

Cycling accident claims

Cycling accident claims

Cycling is becoming more and more popular across the UK for a number of reasons but with more cyclists there have been, unfortunately, more cycling related accidents. This guide is to help you understand what cycling accident solicitors can claim for when you’ve had an cycling accident, how much compensation you will receive and when you need to start a claim by. It will also cover the types of cycling accident you can claim for, what you need to in the event of a cycling accident and will explain the process if your cycling accident was with an uninsured driver.

Our experts operate on a no win no fee basis and they can lead you through the whole process of making a claim. In short, if your cycling accident was somebody else’s fault then you are probably eligible for compensation and we are experts at getting the most compensation for your cycling accident whilst making the claim process as easy as possible for you.

What are Cycling Accidents?

Cycling accidents can be quite varied in nature. In 2016, According to a report by ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), the majority of cycling accidents in the UK, around 90%, involved adults and only 10% were children. In the same report it is shown that men are much more likely to have a cycling accident than women. Surprisingly spring and summertime are the most likely time for a cycling accident to happen but that is probably due to more people using other transport in the colder parts of the year.

A fatal or serious cycling accident is much more likely to occur on urban roads than in the countryside and the majority of all cycling accidents happen at or near a junction. A cycling accident is most likely to occur at a T-junction or a roundabout where cyclists are commonly involved in collisions with motor vehicles.

The types of cycling accident injuries listed by ROSPA include injuries to arms and legs, chest injuries and head injuries. A head injury is one of the most common injuries when the cycling accident leads to a fatality.

Common Causes Of Cycling Accidents

There are many types of cycling accident that lead to bicycle injury claims but some of the more common ones are:

  • Pot holes and poor road surfaces.

  • Oil, petrol or diesel spills on the road surface which causes the road to become slippery.

  • Drivers of other vehicles not paying attention.

  • Vehicles not indicating properly at roundabouts.

  • Negligence by motor vehicle drivers such as moving into the path of the cyclist or even opening the car door as cyclist is passing.

It is fair to say that most cycling accident injuries are accidental but if you’ve suffered personal injury and somebody else was at fault then we have a panel of personal injury solicitors who are experts in dealing in cycling accidents and operate on a no win no fee basis.

Cycling Accident And Safety Statistics For The UK

The Department for Transport produced a report in 2016 (Reported road casualties Great Britain, annual report 2016) which shows that there were nearly 1800 deaths on the roads in that year of which 102 were cyclists. The report also shows that the number of accidents were higher than the year before but significantly less than 10 years previously which shows that, in general, road safety measures for cyclists and other road users have made things safer but accidents are still happening every day.

The headline statistics from the report show that:

  • 102 cyclists died on the road during 2016. This is a 2% increase on the previous year.

  • 81% of all cyclists injured during 2016 (18,477 accidents were recorded) were male bike riders.

  • The total number of cycling accidents (including minor injuries) was actually the lowest number recorded since 2010 but the number of serious injuries obtained in a cycling accident was up 10% on the average for the past 5 years.

The report doesn’t record the number of accidents where somebody else was at fault but the very fact that so many people are involved in a cycling accident is very worrying and why our (panel of) cycling accident solicitors work with those who need to make a personal injury claim against anybody who was at fault for their cycling accident.

Safety Tips For Cyclists

There are a number of things a cyclist can do to avoid being involved in a cycling accident. Some are more obvious than others but if you want to be less likely to have a cycling accident then you should try and do the following:

  • Ensure your bike is in good condition. A bike service can be as little as £20 but can make the bike run much smoother and ensure things like the brakes are operating correctly. Also check tyre pressures once every fortnight or so.

  • Be aware of other road users around you, vehicles can lead to a cycling accident but so can pedestrians crossing in front of you.

  • Wear a cycle helmet at all times. If you do have a cycling accident then a helmet can save your life.

  • Don’t wear headphones while cycling as you will not be able to hear early warnings that a cycling accident is about to happen such as a car horn or a pedestrian alerting you to something.

  • Stick to the rules of the road. Red lights, stop signs and one way streets should all be adhered to by all road users. If you are found to have breached any of the rules of the road when you had a cycling accident then you may not be eligible to proceed with a claim.

  • When riding at night ensure you have working lights. A common cycling accident at night time is where the cyclist didn’t see a pot hole so have a strong beam that points down to the road ahead especially in unlit areas.

In general you should be aware of what’s going on around you, don’t ride too fast or beyond your capability and stick to the rules of the road at all times.

Obviously a cycling accident can happen at any time, even if you follow the steps above, and if it does because of somebody else’s negligence then we are here to help make your cycling accident compensation claim for you.

What Should You Do After Being Injured In A Cycling Accident?

Depending on the type of cycling accident you’ve had there are a number of things to do that will help with any cycling accident claims that you subsequently make.

If your cycling accident is with a motor vehicle then you should:

  • Take photographs of the scene with your mobile phone as this can be used as evidence and also shows the conditions on the day of your cycling accident.

  • Get the drivers details including name, address, phone number and obtain their insurance details as well.

  • Report the cycling accident to the police. Even when the driver admits responsibility at the scene you should still report the accident. This is true also if you think that your injury is very minor.

If your cycling accident is caused by a poor road surface or pot hole you should:

  • Contact the person who is responsible for the road. This will usually be local authority or council.

  • Take photographs of the defect in the road that caused the cycling accident.

  • Try to identify if the pot hole or defect that caused your cycling accident has been highlighted with spray paint as this indicates that the local authority, or their contractors, were aware of it before your cycling accident occurred. Ensure you photograph this.

In both cases you should try to obtain the contact details of any witness who saw your cycling accident happen and finally contact us at Legal Helpline as we have dealt with hundreds of cycling accident claims and we can begin the claim on your behalf immediately.

When gathering information regarding your cycling accident, and taking photographs to back up your claim, please remember to stay safe and be mindful of other road users.

Cyclists Involved In Hit And Run Accidents

If the other party involved in your cycling accident doesn’t stop at the scene of the accident then you may think that you don’t have anybody to claim against but there is something called the ‘untraced drivers agreement’ with the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).

When you have a cycling accident and the driver doesn’t remain at the scene we can make a claim for your cycling accident with the MIB and they will investigate with us and try to work out a fair amount of compensation for your personal injuries and any damage to your property. So even if you can’t trace the other person involved in your cycling accident then get in touch and one of our specialists can begin the process of your personal injury claim.

A hit and run accident is one of the worst cycling accidents there are an we know it can leave the cyclist traumatised so we will deal with your cycling accident claim sympathetically and professionally at all times.

Can You Claim Compensation If You Were Hit By An Uninsured Driver?

If you are at the scene of your cycling accident and it becomes apparent that the driver of the vehicle is uninsured you may worry that you won’t be able to make a claim for compensation. However, as with hit and run cycling accidents we will be able to make a claim through the MIB.

The process that the MIB follow can be quite complex but our team are experts and know what the MIB will need to process the claim for your cycling accident and will ensure the claim is processed quickly on your behalf.

As with all types of cycling accident claims (and any personal injury claims) there is a time limit when your cycling accident was caused by an uninsured driver of 3 years from the date of the cycling accident for the personal injury claim and 9 months from the date of your cycling accident claims for any damage to your property.

The main point to remember is that we know how to make this type of claim for your cycling accident so don’t worry, we are the experts and we will try to get the compensation for your cycling accident on your behalf, regardless of if the driver was insured or not.

Bicycle and Cycling Accident Claims Can Include The Following

If you’ve been involved in a cycling accident you may wonder what you can claim compensation for. Because we’ve been involved in making cycling accident compensation claims for many years we know exactly what you can and can’t claim compensation for because of your cycling accident.

In general you can claim for:

  • General Damages: Your personal items may have been damaged during your cycling accident and you can claim for these items to be repaired or replaced. Things like damage to your bike, clothing, cycling helmet and other items that may have been damaged like your mobile phone. If any item was damaged during your cycling accident then the costs can be claimed as part of your compensation.

  • Medical Expenses: If, because of your cycling accident, you incur any medical costs then you will be able to claim for these. This can include the cost of the treatment, prescription costs and even car parking costs while you attend the hospital or doctors surgery.

  • Travel Costs: It is possible to claim for any costs associated with travelling that you have had to incur because of your cycling accident. This can include travelling to the hospital and the cost of travelling to work if your injury prevents you from cycling or because your bike was too badly damaged in the cycling accident to be able to ride it without it being repaired first.

  • Care Expenses: If you need to be cared for after your cycling accident then you can claim the cost of this back. If you have to pay somebody to look after you for a period following your cycling accident then this can be claimed back as well as their travel costs.

  • Loss of Earnings: Depending on the severity of your cycling accident you may need to take unpaid time off of work or even stop working altogether. If this is due to your cycling accident then it is possible to claim the loss of earnings back as part of your compensation claim. As with all personal injury claims this can include future loss of earnings if it can be shown that this is due to the injuries you sustained in your compensation claim.

To make your claim easier it is always advisable that you record any expenses you’ve incurred because of your cycling accident and keep receipts as evidence for your claim.

Cycling Accident Compensation Settlement Amounts

When you’ve searched the web for cycling accident claims you’ve probable come across sites which offer cycling accident or personal injury compensation calculators but we know, from years of experience, that each cycling accident claim is unique.

When we work out the compensation amount we will be claiming on your behalf for your cycling accident we take a number of things into account: The injuries you sustained in your cycling accident, the amount of pain and suffering the cycling accident caused and personal expenses incurred by you (including possible future costs) because of the cycling accident.

Therefore we are unable to commit to an exact amount for your cycling accident claim but we can give you an idea of what a typical cycling accident claim amount would be. The table below shows what amount of compensation a cycling accident similar to yours may be worth.

Type of InjuryAmmountDescription
Minor back injury£350 - £9,850Simple bruising and sprains
Moderate back injury£8,750 - £30,750Loss of imobility with some pain
Severe back injury£29,750 - £123,300Long-term loss of mobility and potentially paralysis
Minor shoulder injury£350 - £6,700Short-tem immobility
Moderate shoulder injury£6,250 - £9,750Long-term immobilty of one or both shoulders
Severe shoulder injury£9,500 - £37,000Long-term immobilty of one or both arms
Minor head injury£1,500 - £9,500Minor injury with full recovery
Moderate head injury£12,500 - £200,000Some affect on mental abilities
Severe head injury£214,350 - £307,000Severe affect on quality of life
Minor neck injury£1,800 - £6,200Simple bruising and sprains
Moderate neck injury£29,600 - £42,300Long-term loss of mobility and pain
Severe neck injury£35,500 - £112,450Long-term loss of mobility and potentially paralysis
Minor leg injury£1,800 - £17,900One or both legs fractured
Moderate leg injury£21,750 - £104,100Minor injuries to one or both legs
Severe leg injury£75,100 - £215,000Full or partial amputation of one or both legs
Less severe chest injuries£9,575 - £13,650Minor lung damage with full recovery
Severe chest injuries£76,500 - £114,100Long-term lung damage with protracted painful recovery

If your type of cycling accident or personal injury is not listed then give us a call and we’ll assess your cycling accident with you and one of our experts may be able to give you an estimate of your compensation amount.

No Win No Fee Bicycle Accident Claims

We pride ourselves that all of the solicitors making up our panel work on a no win no fee basis. This means that claiming for cycling accident won’t involve any up from expense from your side. It also means that you know there’s a good chance of us being successful and receiving compensation for your cycling accident injury because, with our knowledge and experience, we’d never take on a case that we didn’t think had a real chance of gaining compensation.

Our no win no fee offer for your cycling accident claim means that, if we weren’t successful in gaining you compensation for your cycling accident then you wouldn’t pay a penny.

Why You Should Trust Legal Helpline With Your Cycling Accident Claim

There are plenty of reasons why you should trust us to make your cycling accident compensation claim. Firstly we’ve got years of experience in making claims for different accidents and we’ve got the customer feedback to backup our claims that we really care for our customers and want to get you the compensation you deserve for your cycling accident.

Also, unlike solicitors who charge you by the hour for their service, we have a vested interest in making a successful claim for compensation on your behalf. Unlike those solicitors, if we’re not successful then we don’t get paid. We will only take on your cycling accident claim if we believe it has a good chance of being a successful claim and we will always try our hardest to get you every penny you deserve in compensation for your cycling accident.

We are specialists in cycling accident claims so you don’t need to worry about legal jargon or processes as we’ll deal with your compensation claim every step of the way and keep you fully informed on what stage your cycling accident claim is at.

Speak to Legal Helpline Today

If you believe that your cycling accident was not your fault, or you are claiming on behalf of somebody who’s cycling accident lead to such serious injuries that they are unable to make the cycling accident claim themselves, then get in touch with us today on 0161 696 9685. Our team of trained advisers and cycling accident claims specialists are waiting to begin your claim for you.

If you’re not sure if your cycling accident is serious enough or if somebody else is to blame then give us a call now and we’ll listen to your side of the story first and then make a decision with you. Don’t worry about knowing if you’ve got enough information as we’ll guide you through the whole process of making your cycling accident claim and make the whole process as simple as possible for you.

Remember, if we take on your cycling accident claim then it will be on a no win no fee basis meaning there is no financial risk to you.

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