How To Claim For A Hotel Radiator Burn Injury

In this guide, we explain when you could be eligible to claim for a hotel radiator burn injury. We outline the eligibility requirements you should meet and the evidence which can be useful when making a public liability claim.

hotel radiator burn

hotel radiator burn

Additionally, we explore the duty of care you’re owed in a public place, such as a hotel. We have also provided an example case study of how this injury may occur in a hotel accident

Furthermore, our guide looks at how compensation payouts tend to be calculated. 

We also detail how a No Win No Fee agreement works and what you can expect if you seek the services of a solicitor on this basis. 

To find out more about when you could make a claim for a burn injury, please continue to read our guide. Alternatively, if you would prefer to discuss your potential claim in more detail, you can do so by using the contact details below to connect with an advisor from our team: 

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How To Claim For A Hotel Radiator Burn Injury

Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, the person in control of public premises has a duty to ensure the reasonable safety of visitors using the space for its intended purpose. This could be done by performing regular risk assessments, carrying out regular maintenance checks and addressing any issues found within a timeframe that is reasonable. 

If they fail to fulfil their duty of care, and you sustain a hotel radiator burn injury as a result, this is known as negligence, for which you could be eligible to make a personal injury claim.

Time Limits To Claim For A Hotel Radiator Burn

When you are making a personal injury claim for an injury sustained in a public place, you should be aware of the time limitation period.

The Limitation Act 1980 sets out these time restrictions. Generally, you will have three years from the date of the accident to start a claim. 

However, there are certain exceptions that could apply. For more information on these and whether they might apply to your specific circumstances, get in touch using the number above. An advisor can also discuss the eligibility requirements for seeking compensation in more detail.

Case Study – A Hotel Guest Burned By A Radiator

Below, we have provided a fictional case study to highlight how an hotel radiator accident could happen and the steps that can be taken in the aftermath.

The claimant, Miss A, suffered burns from a radiator in her hotel room. She was sitting at a table when she brushed the radiator with her leg. It was extremely hot, causing her to suffer burn injuries.

The temperature of the radiators was not regulated, and there were no radiator covers in the hotel room.

Her skin was blistered, painful and hot to the touch. She now has a permanent scar across her thigh. Photographs of the burn helped to illustrate the severity of the injury. 

When assessing how much compensation she was owed after successfully claiming, factors such as the percentage of the body affected, the thickness of the burn, the physical disabilities and the cosmetic impact were considered. 

What Evidence Could Support A Hotel Radiator Burn Injury Claim?

When you are making a claim for personal injury compensation after sustaining a hotel radiator burn injury, having evidence is likely to benefit your claim. 

This can include: 

  • Photographs of the hazard.
  • Copies of medical records.
  • Photographs of your injuries. 
  • Witness contact information so your claim can include supporting statements. 

A solicitor from our panel could help you in the process of acquiring this evidence. To find out whether they could work on your claim, get in touch using the contact details provided above.

Examples Of Burn Injury Claim Payouts

General damages are one head of claim you could potentially receive within your settlement. They intend to compensate you for the pain you have experienced due to your injuries. 

When solicitors are valuing the harm you have endured, they may turn to the compensation brackets contained within the Judicial College Guidelines.  

These figures are in the table beneath, however, there is no guarantee that this is what you will receive as your payout may vary depending on the specific details of your claim. 

InjuryNotesCompensation Guidelines
Scarring to Other Parts of the BodyBurns that cover 40% or more of the body are included in this bracket. The cosmetic impact, thickness of the burn, and the psychological impact of the injury will be factored.Likely to exceed £104,830
Obvious laceration scars, or one disfiguring scar on the leg, arm, hand, back, or chest.£7,830 to £22,730
A single obvious scar, or numerous superficial scars on the leg, arm, or hand, with some minor cosmetic deficit.£2,370 to £7,830
Facial DisfigurementVery Severe: The scarring and psychological reaction are very severe and have a disfiguring cosmetic effect.£29,780 to £97,330
Less Severe: The scarring is less severe but disfigurement is still substantial. The psychological reaction is significant. £17,960 to £48,420

Special Damages

There is another head of claim you could be entitled to receive, and these are referred to as special damages. These are intended to reimburse you for the financial losses you have incurred due to your injuries. 

For instance, if you are unable to attend work during the recovery period or for the foreseeable future, you may suffer a loss of earnings. Payslips can help to illustrate this monetary loss, for which you could be compensated under special damages.

Additionally, if you have been required to travel to your hospital appointments by paying for public transport, you could be reimbursed for these travel expenditures. Bank statements can show these losses. 

For more information about what compensation you could receive for your hotel radiator burn injury, please speak with our team. 

Claim For Hotel Radiator Burns With Our Panel Of No Win No Fee Solicitors

When you are making your hotel radiator burn injury claim, you could utilise the services of a No Win No Fee solicitor. They can help you:

  • Gather evidence
  • Build your case
  • Value your claim
  • Present your case in full

They may offer you a type of No Win No Fee contract called a Conditional Fee Agreement. If they do, it can mean if your claim is successful, your solicitor can take a success fee, which is a deduction from the compensation you are awarded. The Conditional Fee Agreements Order 2013 places legal restrictions on the percentage that No Win No Fee solicitors can take.

On the other hand, if your claim is not a success, you will usually not be expected to pay for your solicitor’s services.

To learn more about these arrangements, please speak with our advisory team, who have access to our panel of experienced personal injury solicitors. They can assess the validity of your case and if it meets the eligibility requirements and has a chance of success, they could connect you with a solicitor to begin working your claim.

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