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Welcome to the Legal Helpline compensation payouts calculator page, we are going to be adding many different case studies of compensation payouts for many different types of injuries including broken bone injuries, burn injuries and medical negligence injuries also accident at work and road traffic accident injuries.

Guidance On Our Compensation Calculators

Without knowing the ins and outs of your case, it can be challenging for lawyers to hone in on a precise valuation of your claim. There is much that goes into valuing a claim, such as the strength of medical evidence and evidence relating to the accident itself, like inspection records or risk assessments, and any issues that may arise such as pre-existing conditions or any problems with the claim time limit.

Therefore, when we provide free legal advice on compensation values, we can only provide estimates.

Many of the figures you’ll read are taken from the Judicial College Guidelines, a publication that details compensation awards made by the courts for a variety of injuries and illnesses, detailing their severities.

We can, however, provide you with more concrete advice on what you could be entitled to compensation-wise if you get in touch with us today. After a quick chat with our personal injury claims advisers, we’ll learn more about your case and offer you more concrete advice.

Compensation Calculators

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