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On this page, we look at how compensation payouts of £5000 could be paid out for a broken little toe accident at work. We will talk through an illustration of how this could happen and take a look at different accidents that could cause a broken pinky toe in the workplace. We’ll also give you information on how you could claim compensation for a broken little toe at work, and the compensation amounts you could receive for such injuries. We hope you find this illustrative case study useful. If you would like to talk to us about your own broken little toe injury, to see if you could make a claim, then you can simply call 0161 696 9685 for advice and support, or for help getting started with a claim. However, the information on this page may be of use to you, so we would advise you to read on to find out more about the type of case that could lead to pinky toe accident compensation.

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Workplace Accidents Causing Broken Pinky Toes

Broken little toe accident at work

Broken little toe accident at work

If you suffered a broken little toe accident at work, you may not think that personal injury claims for this type of injury could be made. However, if an employer has been negligent in taking care of your health and safety at work, you could suffer a broken pinky toe that causes you to suffer pain, and may, depending on your job, lead to you having to take time off work to recover. If this is the case, you may not just suffer physically because of a broken little toe accident at work; you might suffer financially as well. Claiming compensation for a broken little toe at work could help to redress the balance. Here, we take a look at an illustration of how a claim for a broken pinky toe could bring about compensation payouts of £5000 in some cases. We’ll also take a look at the anatomy of the toes, the broken pinky toe symptoms you might experience, and what broken little toe treatment might be offered to you. Whether you are pursuing a broken toe car accident settlement or compensation for a broken little toe at work, you may find this information useful.

Anatomy Of The Bones In Your Pinky Or Small Toe

There is more than one bone present in each toe, and these are named the metatarsals and the phalanges. The phalanges are the bones that are at the ends of your toes, and they connect to your metatarsals, which are located next to the main part of the foot. They connect together through your metatarsal phalangeal joint. Your metatarsals connect to the cuboid in your foot by way of another joint, called the tarsometatarsal joint, and then the cuboid meets the higher portion of the foot through the transverse tarsal joint. If any of the toes are broken, then this could cause pain, inflammation and an inability to bear weight on the foot. Depending on which of the toes are broken, and how badly they are broken, you might experience symptoms such as:

  • Pain in the area
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Finding it difficult to walk

In many cases, treating a broken little toe can be something that is done at home. You may be told to take paracetamol, rest your foot, wear wide and comfortable shoes, and buddy strap your toe to the next toe to it while it heals.

However, some broken little toe complications could make treating a broken pinky toe at home the wrong thing to do. If, for example, the toe is sticking out at a strange angle, or you can see the bone sticking out, you may have to have more intensive treatment for your injury.

Accidents Which Could Happen In Your Workplace

Every workplace contains risks, and it is up to your employer to assess and reduce the risks of you suffering an accident at work as much as could be considered reasonable. According to the HSE, in 2018/19, the most common cause of non-fatal injuries in the workplace was a slip, trip or fall. These amounted to 29% of the reported injuries for that period. Following this, the second most common was lifting, handling and carrying accidents, at 20%, and next came strikes by moving objects (10%), and then falls from heights and acts of violence, which both came in at 8%.

Whether one of these types of accident at work caused your broken pinky toe, or it was caused by another type of accident that could have been avoided if your employer had taken proper care of your safety and health at work, then you could be eligible to claim compensation.

5 Examples Of How You Could Sustain A Broken Pinky Toe At Work

Causes of a broken pinky toe at work could include, but are not limited to:

  • Manual handling accidents
  • Crush accidents
  • Work vehicle road traffic accidents
  • Trips and falls from a height
  • Repetitive strain injuries

If you could prove that your employer has not acted responsibly in terms of your health and safety in the workplace and you have suffered a broken pinky toe at work due to their irresponsibility, then you could be able to make a claim for compensation against your employer.

Case Study: £5,000 Payout For A Broken Pinky Toe In An Accident At Work

Here, we take a look at an illustration of how, in a fictitious case study, a claimant could be awarded £5000 in compensation payouts for a broken little toe accident at work. The claimant in this case, who we will refer to as Mr H, was working as a police officer when he suffered a broken pinky toe and metatarsal during a health and safety drill. Mr A tripped over a box that left in a corridor during the drill and had to take a short time away from his usual duties at work because of the accident. However, his claim for the injury itself brought compensation amounts of £5,000 for the broken pinky toe injury with extras and claim for loss of earnings in total. His employer admitted liability for not keeping the corridor free of trip hazards, so the claim was settled relatively quickly.

Broken Pinky Toe Compensation Calculator

If you are wondering what the average compensation payouts for a broken pinky toe could be, whether it’s a broken toe in a car accident that you’re claiming for or a broken little toe in an accident at work, you might have searched online for a broken pinky toe compensation calculator. However, we have chosen to provide an alternative to a personal injury claims calculator here. We have researched into the Judicial College Guidelines for specific injuries instead and provided them in the table below. Please do remember, however, that these guideline payout brackets are only approximate, as you would have to undergo a medical assessment before the medical evidence for your claim could be collated and assessed. Only then would a value be attached to your claim.

InjuryValue (Guideline Compensation Bracket)Notes
Toe Amputation – All toes£34,270 to £52,620Amounts would depend on whether or not the toe amputation was traumatic or was done during surgery.
Toe Amputation – Great toeAround £29,380-
Toe Injuries – Severe£12,900 to £29,770Crush injuries that were deemed to be severe and that led to one or more of the toes having been amputated (but not the big toe). Injuries that produce severe continuing symptoms could be included here.
Toe Injuries – Serious£9,010 to £12,900Multiple fractures to 2+ toes or serious injuries to the big toe. Permanent disability in terms of sensitive scars, pain or discomfort would feature here.
Toe Injuries - ModerateUp to £9,010Relatively simple fractures or injuries which exacerbate a degenerative condition. Laceration injuries could also feature here. Those cases where surgical treatment was needed that led to scarring/prolonged pain/discomfort could also be included.
Toe Injuries – Moderate yet StraightforwardUp to £5,250With complete or nearly complete recovery – straightforward fractures, or some soft tissue injuries to one or more of the toes.

We should also mention that as well as the damages above, your broken pinky toe claim might include compensation payouts for wage losses, medical fees, travel costs, care costs and more if they arose directly because of your broken little toe accident at work. Adding these special damages could affect your compensation amounts dramatically.

No Win No Fee Broken Pinky Toe Compensation Payouts

When you take into account the work needed to build a strong case for compensation, you may understand why some claimants opt to retain the services of a personal injury lawyer when making claims for personal injuries. If you have been put off using a personal injury solicitor to help you with your claim because you assumed that the upfront costs would be too high, then you might be happy to hear that if you make a no win no fee claim, there wouldn’t be any legal fees that would need to be paid upfront. Instead, you’d sign a document known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. This would agree how much and when your lawyer would be paid for their services. There would usually be a success fee written into the agreement which would be a percentage of your total settlement. This success fee would only be payable after your claim had successfully resulted in compensation. If it didn’t, but your claims were valid, you would not be expected to pay the success fee. If you were worried about the amount of compensation that would be left once the legal fees were deducted, you may be relieved to hear that the most a lawyer could take from your broken pinky toe compensation would be 25%.

How Do I Claim Compensation For A Broken Pinky Toe?

If you were considering making your own claim for compensation for a broken little toe at work that was not your fault, then you may be a little confused about where to turn to for advice and support. Here at Legal Helpline, we have plenty of experience in helping claimants understand their options when it comes to making a personal injury claim. We would be happy to give you a free, no-obligation assessment of your specific circumstances so that we could give you advice tailored to your situation. If we think that she would have a valid claim for compensation, then we could even offer to connect you with an experienced personal injury solicitor, who would be able to take on your claim on a no win no fee basis.

We put customer service at the core of our company, and we know that your broken little toe accident at work may have caused you pain, suffering and financial losses. We want to be able to help you claim the compensation you deserve, and we will do everything we can to help you.

Talk To Legal Helpline About Your Case

It’s easy to get hold of one of our knowledgeable advisors to talk about your broken pinky toe claim. For free advice, or to get an assessment of your eligibility to claim, you can either opt to call the helpline on 0161 696 9685, or you could complete the contact form. Either way, we will do all that we can to answer your questions and help you begin a personal injury claim if we believe you are eligible to do so.

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