Hen’s Egg Allergy Claims Guide, How To Claim Compensation For Egg Allergic Reaction? – Food Allergy Negligence

This online guide provides information for people who suffer from some form of egg allergy and how in certain circumstances, you could be able to claim compensation if an allergic reaction is triggered through the negligence of a third party. We show how a personal injury lawyer could process a personal injury claim against the responsible party on a No Win No Fee basis.

After reading this guide, you might have questions that still need to be answered. If so, our claims team will be happy to answer them for you. Please call them on 0161 696 9685 and speak to one of our claim advisers. They will address your questions, and also provide free legal advice on how best to move forward with your hen egg allergy claim.

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A Guide To Hen’s Egg Allergy Compensation Claims

This online guide to egg allergies, and the process of making an allergic reaction claim if the reaction is triggered by the actions of a third party, provides information on how to approach your claim from an informed position. We cover many of the legal aspects of making a claim, and why a personal injury solicitor may be able to process one on your behalf.

The guide starts by looking at what an egg allergy is with the middle section covering egg allergies as medical conditions.

Egg allergy compensation claims

Egg allergy compensation claims

We have listed some of the common products which must be avoided if you have a allergy to eggs. We also go over the symptoms of an allergic reaction to eggs, as well as the more serious medical condition namely anaphylaxis.

We explain some of the main causes of allergic reactions and detail steps that you should take to minimise the risk of your egg allergy being triggered. We also look at some of the regulations that pertain to food safety in the UK when it comes to labelling foods clearly to show allergen contents.

The last part of this guide covers facts and information related to the claim process itself. We cover claims specifically made against a restaurant for providing incorrect information regarding the allergen content of the food served. You will also find a number of steps you can take to get your claim underway, and also the kinds of evidence you should collect to support your claim.

You will find a table, based on the Judicial College Guidelines used in England to value injuries or illness. Similarly, you will also find a of damages you could include in a personal injury claim against a responsible party. Lastly, we introduce our core service offering and explain how a No Win No Fee strucure works.

If reading this guide prompts further questions, please call our claims team on the number near the top of the page. A claim adviser will answer them for you. They will also provide you with key information such as the personal injury claims time limit which could apply to your case.

What Is An Allergy To Eggs?

In this section, we answer questions such as, what causes egg allergy? And can you suddenly become allergic to eggs? An egg allergy is at a medical condition where the sufferer can expect to manifest symptoms if they are exposed to certain proteins found in eggs, and many egg-based products. An egg allergy general begins quite suddenly, and in most cases starts while a person is still a child, although an egg allergy can develop later in life too.

An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system mistakes a harmless substance as being a threat and attacks it. In this case, egg protein. When a person eats eggs, their immune system begins to produce antibodies to fight the egg protein. When the victim next encounters the same allergen, these antibodies spring into action and begin attempting to negate the egg protein because it has been flagged as a toxic. This results in the body releasing chemicals such as histamines, which in turn cause an allergic reaction.

If you suffer an allergic reaction due to the negligent actions of a third party, you may have a valid basis to file a compensation claim against them. Talk to a claim adviser to learn more about this.

Foods Which May Contain Eggs And Egg Products

The best way to not be subjected to egg allergy symptoms, is to never eat anything that could trigger an allergic reaction. As such, the foods to avoid include the following:

  • Any foodstuff that have the words; coagulant, binder, or emulsifier in the listed ingredients
  • All products that contain any ingredients with the word “ova” in them
  • All foods that contain any of the following ingredients:
    • Albumin (an egg protein)
    • Artificial or natural flavourings
    • Egg substitute (usually made with egg whites)
    •  Globulin
    • Lecithin E322
    • Livetin
    • Lysozyme
    • Silici albuminate
    • Simplesse
    • Vitellin
  • Foods made using eggs as a base ingredient, such as meringue or mayonnaise
  • Other products that are not food, but which could contain egg, include:
    • Finger paints
    • Shampoos
    • Some medications
    • Makeup

If you are ever unsure of the egg content of a food or other product, it is best to avoid it.

What Are The Symptoms Of An Egg Intolerance Or Allergy?

In this section, we answer questions such as:

  • How long do egg allergy symptoms last?
  • What are the symptoms of egg intolerance?

People who suffer from an egg allergy don’t all suffer the same symptoms, or the same intensity. For some people, an allergic reaction is nothing more than a minor annoyance whereas for others, it can be a life-threatening experience.

The typical symptoms of an egg allergy can include:

  • Skin rashes that can look like hives or eczema
  • Generalised swelling of the affected area and also the eyes, tongue, throat
  • Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea
  • A blocked or running nose
  • Difficulties breathing
  • A rapid heartbeat

In some cases, these symptoms are trumped by anaphylactic shock, which we cover in the following section. If these symptoms are triggered by the negligent actions of a third party, you could have grounds to file a personal injury claim against them. Our claims team can tell you more about this.

Anaphylactic Allergic Reactions To Eggs

Anaphylaxis, which used to go under the general heading of toxic shock syndrome, can be the result of a very severe allergic reaction to eggs. Anaphylaxis is a potentially life-threating medical condition if the victim does not receive rapid emergency treatment. For this reason, many people who are at risk of anaphylaxis carry an epinephrine autoinjector which can be administered as a short-term emergency treatment until a medical professional arrives.

People who suffer from anaphylaxis will exhibit symptoms such as:

  • Panic
  • General confusion
  • Pale and swat skin
  • Dizziness
  • Severe breathing difficulties
  • Unconsciousness
  • Death if left untreated

If the anaphylaxis was the result of the negligent actions of a third party, you could be entitled to seek compensation for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity. Our claims team can help with this, give them a call today.

Causes Of An Egg Allergy

There are a number of things you can do to minimise the chance of suffering an egg allergy reaction which includes:

  • Ensure that you always check the label of packaged food, and always ask about the egg content of dishes in a restaurant
  • Make sure your family and friends know that you suffer from an egg allergy
  • Always carry information on your person that can let medical professionals know you suffer an egg allergy
  • If you have been prescribed medication to manage an allergic reaction to eggs, carry it on you at all times
  • Be wary of eating exotic foreign foods, that may contain unlisted ingredients that have egg protein in them. An example of this would be some kinds of noodles in a Chinese, Thai or another kind of Asian restaurant

If, after taking precautions, you still suffer an allergic reaction that was caused by the negligence of a third party, you could be entitled to make a claim. Speak to a claim adviser to have your claim evaluated.

Food Safety And Allergen Laws

In the UK, there are laws in place to ensure that people who suffer from an allergy, such as a hen’s egg allergy, are made aware of the allergen content of foodstuff.  This food safety law requires that any allergen that could trigger a reaction is clearly marked on all packaging.

The packaging must clearly state that the food contains a specific allergen from the group of 14 major allergens, using words such as, “contains eggs” or “may contain eggs”.

Any food manufacturer that fails to divulge the allergen content of food on the packaging, is at risk of being liable to pay compensation if a consumer suffers an allergic reaction after eating the packaged food. We can assist with these kinds of claims. Talk over your claim with our team of advisers today.

Egg Allergy Claims Against A Restaurant

If you have an allergy to eggs, you are probably already used to asking about the egg content of dishes on a restaurant menu. This is something that people who are allergic to hen’s eggs or any other kind of eggs have to live with every day of their lives. However, this does mean that a sufferer places great trust in every eating establishment and their staff to always provide them with the correct information. However, mistakes can be made and you may suffer an allergic reaction to eggs after being told that the food did not contain eggs.

Should this be the case and you can prove that a mistake was made, you could be able to make a compensation claim against the eating establishment. This is something we can assist with. Speak to our claims team to learn more.

What Do I Need To Do To Make A Hen’s Egg Allergy Claim?

In order to make a successful claim for allergic reaction compensation, you must have suffered physical harm, and be able to prove that this harm was caused by the negligent actions of a third party. This will involve compiling evidence, for example:

  • In the case of a restaurant being the trigger:
    • Photographs of the menu
    • Witness statements of people who heard you ask about the allergen content
    • A sample of the food (you can freeze this at home)
    • Any medical report you have
    • The receipt for the food
  • In the case of packaged food being the trigger:
    • The original packaging
    • The food itself (you can freeze it)
    • The receipt for the food
    • Any medical report you have

Your solicitor would submit this evidence to support your compensation claim against a responsible party. If you would like to learn more about how this is done, please speak to our claims team to find out.

Losses And Expenses Compensated By Special Damages

When personal injury claims are successful, the settlement they receive is made up of two parts which are as follows:

  • General damages, which compensate for physical harm and suffering:
    • Permanent disability or impairment that will result in a loss of life quality
    • Treatment that will be painful, traumatic and last for some time
    • Psychological injuries that are a result of the allergic reaction, such as anxiety, depression, new phobias or post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Shock and trauma at the time of the allergic reaction
    • Pain and suffering at the time of the allergic reaction
  • Special damages, which will compensate for financial losses and other hardship:
    • Loss of future earning potential due to a reduced capacity to work, or the need to change career
    • Short-term loss of income due to taking time away from work and partially or fully losing salary/wages for this time
    • The cost of any private medical treatment you had to pay for
    • To cover the cost of hiring a nurse to take care of you at home
    • Out of pocket expenses, such as travel tickets and medical expenses

If you would like to learn about the damages you could claim, please speak to a member of our claims team so that an adviser can evaluate your claim for you.

Hen’s Egg Allergy Compensation Calculator

You could use an online personal injury claims calculator to get an estimate of the amount you may be awarded in compensation. You can also use this table below to look up the possible level of hen egg allergy compensation you may receive in a successful personal injury claim. It has been created using the Judicial College Guidelines for England which is used by courts, solicitors and insurers to value a claim. It is worth noting the amounts provided are for general damages.

Medical ConditionSeverityInfoPayment
IllnessMinorIllnesses that result in painful symptoms such as diarrhoea, nausea, muscle cramps, etc. that could continue for days or even weeks.£860 to £3,710
IllnessModerateIllnesses such as food poisoning or an allergic reaction, that could cause symptoms such as altered bowel function, stomach cramps, fatigue, etc. The victim may need to stay in the hospital for a few days for treatment, and complete recovery will be made within two years.£3,710 to £8,950
IllnessSeriousThis could be serious, short-term illnesses such as food poisoning or an allergic reaction. Resulting in symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. These symptoms would reduce over a period of up to four weeks, but may leave some lingering symptoms that could last several years.£8,950 to £18,020
IllnessSevereA severe illness that could potentially be life-threatening such as anaphylaxis. Symptoms would be very painful such as fever, sickness, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, etc. The illness would require hospitalisation and would continue for the long-term.£36,060 to £49,270

If you would like a more accurate idea of the amount of compensation you could claim, you will have to undergo a medical examination to prove the extent of the harm you suffered so a solicitor can value your claim. If you would like to move forward with this, please speak to our claims team today.

Could Legal Helpline Help Me To Make An Allergic Reaction Claim?

If you believe you have suffered an allergic reaction to eggs due to the negligent actions of a third party, our simple new claims process can help you to get the legal help you need. All you need to do is:

  1. Call our claims team on the number provided at the end of this guide, and have any questions you have answered
  2. An adviser will evaluate your claim, and let you know whether they believe it could be valid or not
  3. An accident, injury and illness lawyer will begin to process a claim for you

You can call us any time to get an update on how your claim is progressing.

No Win No Fee Hen’s Egg Allergy Compensation Claim

Using the services of a No Win No Fee lawyer enables you to mitigate many of the financial risks that making a claim presents. This is because the solicitor will only collect their pre-agreed fee once they have successfully received a compensation payment for you and the amount is deducted from the hen egg allergy compensation you are awarded.

The solicitor won’t charge a fee to begin handling your claim, or during the time period it takes to process it. They also won’t charge you any solicitor’s fee if the claim is not a success which is set out in the No Win No Fee agreement you sign.

Start You Egg Allergy Claim

Do you think you could have a valid basis to make a claim for an allergic reaction to eggs caused by a third party? If this is so, we would like to hear from you, as we can likely help you with your claim. You can contact our claims team on 0161 696 9685. A claim adviser will talk over your claim with you, tell you about your legal options, and then offer you some more free legal advice about how to proceed with your claim.

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