How Much Compensation Can I Claim If I Have Damage To My Hair?

By Olivia Ackerman. Last updated 9th March 2021. Welcome to our hair damage claims guide. Our hair is often one of the first things people notice about us, and if yours has been damaged due to the negligent or dangerous behaviour of someone else, whether due to a negligent hairdresser or hairstylist at a salon or an accident at your place of work, then you might be able to launch a claim for compensation to cover the cost of fixing the problem, and for the pain and suffering the injury has caused you, both physically and mentally.

Our hair damage claims guide takes you through all you need to know about hair damage and the compensation you could receive.

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A guide to hair damage claims

Most of us spend some time and effort on our hair, whether we are male or female, as it is a part of our appearance that is commonly noticed when people initially greet us. With the wealth of grooming products available and barbers and hairdressers on the high streets, it is clear to see that we are a nation that like to take care of our crowning glory, and if something should

hair damage claims

hair damage claims

happen to it, it can lead to a loss of confidence in our looks, and have a marked effect on our self-esteem. With this in mind, if you have suffered hair damage in a hairdressers or loss due to the fault of someone else, whether through a fight, or due to an accident at a hair salon, it is only fair that this loss of confidence, as well as the physical injuries you have suffered as a result, should be compensated for.

Many people are unaware that they can launch hair damage compensation claims, so this guide has been created to talk you through the process and what is involved, as well as providing information on what can be claimed for and how much it may be possible to claim.

What is hair damage?

Hair damage is anything that causes the condition and amount of hair present to be reduced or diminished in some way. This can happen in a number of different ways, but each can have consequences for a person’s self-esteem and confidence. Some of the ways in which hair can be damaged include:

  • Dermatitis of the scalp
  • Balding
  • Brittleness of the hair
  • Patchiness of hair
  • Burned scalp and/or hair

These are physical manifestations of damage, but you may also be able to claim should an accident with your hair cause emotional harm, such as long hair being cut short without the owner’s permission, or chemical damage from bleaches that cause hair to fall out. Many hair damage claims are launched against a hairdresser, but hair damage claims can also be lodged should you be subject to an attack that leaves you with damage from hair being pulled out.

The amount of hair damage compensation awarded will largely depend on how long it takes for the claimant to recover, and the hair to return to normal, if indeed it can do. The claimant’s job may also be considered. For example, if someone relies heavily on their appearance for their role, such as modelling, this will need to be taken into account when a compensation award is calculated.

The importance of patch tests to avoid hair damage

At college, most hairdressers are taught how and why to apply patch tests before using chemicals on clients. In fact, according to the HSE, this is a legal requirement. Whether a colour is purported to be ‘Organic’ or not, it is essential that a hairdresser tests a small amount of a chemical product on a client to ensure they are not allergic to the product before it is applied to a large area of the client’s hair/scalp. In addition to this, hairdressing clients also have a right to expect any chemical treatment to be mixed correctly and also to be removed within the correct period of time. Failure to do so may also cause damage to the hair and/or scalp.

What to do if you have a hair damage claim

If you believe you might have cause to make hair damage claims for yourself, it is important that you carefully preserve any evidence of both the event that occurred to cause the hair damage and any out of pocket expense you have suffered as a result. Initially, you should seek medical advice for your hair damage. Not only could this mean a quicker recovery from the damage that can be caused, but it could also help ward off further infection if you have suffered chemical burns. This initial visit to a medical professional may also serve as evidence should you pursue a compensation claim later down the line.

You should also try to ensure that if there are any witnesses (staff or clients in the salon) that you carefully note down their contact details. It may be possible for these people to provide witness statements that could help the strength of your hair damage compensation case.

Another important task would be to write down your version of events as soon as you can after the damage has occurred. This will help you recall all the important details you may forget as time passes. Make sure to take photographs of the damage that has occurred as soon as possible, and then as the days pass, as this will serve as evidence should you wish to file a claim.

Finally, make sure that you keep any and all details of costs incurred due to the hair damage you have suffered. This may be loss of earnings if you have been unable to attend work (either due to your appearance or the emotional effect it has had on you, or because you have had to have time off for medical appointments or recovery from any pain you have suffered). It could also include any further treatment costs you have had to fund to treat the hair damage that has been caused. Finally, if you have had to attend appointments due to your hair damage, you may be able to claim travel costs back. If your appearance is central to your job, i.e. modelling, future loss of earnings may also be taken into account when making your claim.

How to begin a hair damage claim

In order to start a hair damage compensation claim, you can simply pick up the phone and speak to one of our hair damage compensation experts. Our fully trained team will listen to your story with sympathy, and more than likely ask some questions pertaining to your experience. This is done to try and find out all the facts of the case, so it is important that you answer any question you ask to the best of your abilities, as the answers you give may affect your case. If you do not remember something, or do not know an answer, then you should simply advise us of this. There are no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers; just being honest will be enough for us to ascertain whether you may have a claim for compensation.

At this point, we will take you through the details of the no win no fee agreement, so you can see how this works, and once this has been signed then a solicitor from our panel will be able to work on your behalf to start the claim. The hair damage solicitor will more than likely ask you to attend an appointment, whereupon a medical professional will assess your damaged hair or scalp in order to determine the extent of the damage, the prognosis for recovery as well as how it has affected you both physically and emotionally. This independent appointment can be made in a place that is local to you, so that you will not have to travel too far and be further inconvenienced. Your solicitor, upon receiving the independent injury report, will then begin to build your hair damage compensation case, putting together your account, any witness statements and the medical evidence into a compelling case for compensation.

What can be claimed for after suffering hair damage?

You may not realise it, but the initial damage to your hair is not the only thing you will be able to claim for as a result of your hair damage. You may be able to claim for the following:

  • Pain and suffering – This is known as general damages, and covers the pain and the amount of suffering you have borne as a result of the damage.
  • Earning loss – If you have had to have time off from your job because of the hair damage or effects resulting directly from the hair damage, you may have lost some of your income. If this is the case, you will be able to request some compensation to cover this, and any predicted future loss of earnings because of the damage.

Please read on to see the most common types of hair damage claims.

The most common types of hair damage claims

When you look at the number of hairdressing injuries that could occur, hair damage can happen in many different ways. However, there are some types of hair damage claim that are more common, so we list these here. However, if you cannot see your specific hair damage in the list below, that does not exclude you from making a claim. It would be a good idea to call our team of experts to explain what has happened to you; they will be able to assess your story and the damage you have suffered and should be able to then determine whether you are likely to have a valid claim.

  • Hair damage from hair dye (allergic reaction) – This commonly occurs where a patch test has not initially been completed, and the client suffers an allergic reaction to the dye. Allergic reactions to hair dye can vary in severity and can cause anything from scalp problems to loss of hair.
  • Hair damage from hair dye (product left on for too long) – There is a very good reason that many chemical dyes have specific formulas for how long you are expected to have them on hour hair and scalp. Should a hairdresser fail to take the product off your help in a timely manner, according to the product instructions, it could cause extensive damage to your hair or scalp.
  • Hair damage due to assault – Also common are attacks which cause hair to be pulled from the scalp. This not only causes intense pain, but can also lead to permanent hair loss.

Whether you have suffered one of the types of damage above or your hair damage was caused by a different event, if someone else has caused your hair damage, you may be able to claim hair damage compensation. Simply contact us to find out if you can make a claim, or for expert advice on any aspect of the claim process.

How much compensation will I get following hair damage?

A lot of people commonly want to know whether a claim is ‘worth’ taking forward, wishing to know how much compensation they could receive before they make the decision. While this is a natural feeling, we would warn that no one should guarantee you a certain amount of money as a payout, as each and every single claim is different from the next and it would be remiss of us to promise you an amount. However, we can help to give you a general guide as to the amount of compensation you would be looking for if you decided to pursue a claim.

In the table below, we list the most common award brackets for typical hair damage claims. Take a look at this table, keeping in mind that it should act as a general guide only, for an idea of the payouts that have typically been awarded in previous cases. If you do not see your specific hair damage within the compensation table below, then why not call our expert team, who should be able to advise you further.

Compensation typeTypical Amount of CompensationDescription
Damage to hair caused by dye/tint/wax£6,890 to £10,340Where dermatitis occurs to the scalp, or brittle hair is caused, which leads to loss of hair, resulting in emotional effects such as despair, depression and loss of confidence. Higher awards will be for where prognosis for regrowth is poor, or slow. If skin grafting is needed, then it is likely that the award may exceeded the maximum amount stated here.
Damage to hair caused by dye/tint/wax£3,710 to £6,890Usually symptoms will be less severe and regrowth will occur. The amount awarded will often be calculated based on how long it takes for hair to grow back.
Severe psychiatric damage£51,460 to £108,620For the severest cases depending on ability to cope with life, effect on relationships, what treatment may be required and how successful it might be.
Moderate to moderately severe psychiatric damage£17,900 to £51,460Psychiatric problems but with a more optimistic prognosis and possibly marked improvements already..
Less severe psychiatric damage£1,440 to £5,500The level of compensation can depend on how long problems have lasted and what effect they have had.

No Win No Fee hair damage claims

We know that legal bills may seem like a high cost to pay, especially if you are not sure that a hair damages compensation claim will be successful. However, it is entirely possible for you to start a claim without putting any money up before your case is settled. This is what is known as No Win No Fee. The premise behind this type of service is that the legal fees will be deducted from a compensation payout, meaning that if your case were not to be settled with a payout, you would not need to pay legal fees so you would not be any worse off financially for taking action, whether against the hairdresser that did not patch test you for a treatment, or the person that damaged your hair in another way.

No win no fee hairdressing claims are commonly considered a good motivator for hair lawyers, as they will be working to secure you the maximum amount of compensation award, rather than simply suing a hairstylist, working on an hourly basis whether the case is won or lost, which may not boost their motivation to try for the maximum compensation award for your hair claims.

To learn about how our panel of personal injury lawyers can boost your chances of securing hair damage compensation, please see the next section.

Why choose us as your claims service for a hair damage claim?

With years of experience in helping clients pursue hairdresser compensation claims, as well as other hair damage compensation cases, we are in a great position to offer free advice on every aspect of your case.

We have years of experience and knowledge surrounding the subject of small claims court hairdresser claims, as well as other personal injury cases, and as previous clients will attest, we really go the extra mile to make sure that all of our clients’ questions are answered in a way that does not baffle them with legal jargon.

All the advice we give our clients is free and comes with no obligation to go forward and use our service or begin a claim.

Call for free advice and to start a claim

If you’re wondering how to sue a hairdresser that has ruined your crowning glory due to hair salon negligence, or you’re looking to ask more questions about whether your hairdressing injury could lead to a claim for compensation, we are ready to listen. Simply pick up the phone and call us on 0161 696 9685.

As a Claims Management Company, our trained professionals will answer any query you have about your injuries that have damaged your hair with complete confidentiality and explain any detail pertaining to the hair compensation claims process, ensuring you are properly informed about what you need to know.

If you are ready to begin making a claim for compensation, we can help start things off for you too, taking the stress off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on recovering from what must have been a traumatic experience for you. There really is no better time to call for advice than now, as our trained team of experts are ready to hear your story and provide actionable advice you can count on.

Hair Damage Claims FAQs

Here are some popular questions regarding hair damage claims.

How much compensation will I receive for my hair damage injury?

Personal injury claims are independently valued according to the unique circumstances of each case. Therefore, it’s hard to determine how much compensation you could be entitled to without undergoing a proper consultation. Please call our specialist advisors today to get a free assessment.

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